Kylie and Ian recognised in 'A social worker’s alternative 2023 New Year’s Honours list'

Kylie and Ian recognised in 'A social worker’s alternative 2023 New Year’s Honours list'

As each year draws to its conclusion one thing that is a regular feature and a familiar start to each new calendar year commencing is the 1st January being marked by naming new members of order and chivalry and recipients of other official honours as part of the British honour system. 

However, In the first of a new annual tradition, the Professional Social Workers (PSW) magazine asks a British Association of Social Workers (BASW) member to dish out their personal gongs to those they believe have made a world of difference. Kicking off these awards is Eddie O’Hara, a Registered Consultant Social Worker, Qualified Teacher and Author. Eddie was asked by PSW to pay his personal tribute and celebrate the achievements of some of the people he feels are most deserving by creating his own transparent ‘Alternative New Year’s Honours List’ and in doing so acknowledge recipients with an Inspirational Role Model (IRM) Award.

Eddies says "I have written from the viewpoint and experience personally with my list being predictably concerned with those wonderful folk I have had the enormous pleasure, privilege and at times joy of working with this year and who have all inspired me in different ways to carry on doing the work I love."

Kylie and Ian were awarded the Inspirational Role Model Awards for their enthusiastic energy in always appearing to take every opportunity to develop their services outwards to meet the needs of their local community and for also promoting the simple joy and healing power of walking and talking with others.

On receiving their IRM Awards both Kylie and Ian expressed how overwhelmed and grateful they were to be honoured in this way as to be held in such high regard by their peers, which is indeed a very humbling reflection of any persons work amongst the many other worthy list of IRM recipients. They also paid a personal message of heartfelt thanks to Eddie O'Hara for his very kind words and support of Trek Therapy and BASW for creating these awards and publishing the Alternative New Years Honours list in the Professional Social Work magazine.

Kylie and Ian can be seen pictured with their IRM Awards whilst involved in a Trek Therapy training weekend in Grasmere as members of the team work towards their Lowland Leader Award.

To read the full list of recipients and find out more about the alternative New Years honours follow the link below:

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