Walking Kit List

Walking is one of the most cost-effective ways to stay physically and mentally well. Whether you’re hiking long distances or on a leisurely walk on easy terrain, it all helps as part of a positive self-care routine. We have compiled a list of our recommended items for a safe and enjoyable day out walking in the outdoors.

Clothing... treat it like your armour!                        

Waterproofs and appropriate footwear will help you deal with the elements and terrain underfoot keeping you warm and dry. It is important to avoid denim, cotton and normal trainers as once they get wet they will stay wet resulting in you feeling uncomfortable and increasing the chances of injury. The correct clothing and footwear, at the very least, will make your walk more comfortable but more importantly keep you protected.


What to wear:                  

  • Appropriate Footwear (ideally walking boots as these will protect your ankles on broken ground)
  • Walking Socks (part of your footwear system, these need to be breathable to keep feet dry and avoid blisters)
  • Waterproof Jacket (keep this in your rucksack until needed, don't leave home without it)
  • Waterproof Trousers (for wearing over your walking trousers when it rains) Breathable Base-layer (breathable material is best, avoid cotton t-shirts) Insulating Mid-layer (fleeces, softshell jackets, hoody, dependent on the weather)
  • Legwear (light quick drying trousers, or shorts, with a good range of movement are best, avoid denim)
  • Hat, Gloves & Buff (weather can change quickly so keep these in your rucksack until needed)

    What to carry in your rucksack:                               

    • A rucksack or 'daysack' (a 25 Litre rucksack is a good option for a day out)
    • Medication and Personal First Aid Kit (keep accessible in a waterproof bag)
    • Water Bottle (at least one litre for a 2-3 hour walk to stay hydrated, more in Summer)
    • Torch or Headtorch (important item through the Autumn and Winter months)
    • Sunscreen (even if it doesn't look that sunny, UV rays can still get through cloud)
    • Sunglasses (useful for eye protection in bright conditions including winter)
    • Flask of Hot Drink (brilliant on colder days and provides a sense of comfort)
    • Food (general packed lunch plus high energy foods such as flapjacks, chocolate and trail mix)
    • Mobile Phone (fully charged in a waterproof bag)
    • Pocket Sweets (great morale boosters, good options include jelly babies, wine gums and boiled sweets)
    • Map & Compass and the skills to use them (Trek Therapy group leaders always carry these items)
    • Emergency Group Shelter & Whistle (Trek Therapy group leaders always carry this equipment)

      Optional extra's:             

      • Walking Poles (useful to help stability and take pressure off knee joints)
      • Camera (to capture great views, record your adventures and maintain the life of your phone battery)
      • Gaiters (very useful in wet and boggy terrain to help prevent water seeping over the top of your boots)
      • Sit Mat (cheap, simple and helps keep you comfortable during rest stops)