Paul's Place meet the 3 Dad's Walking

Paul's Place meet the 3 Dad's Walking

It was fantastic and very humbling to support our service users from the suicide bereavement support service Paul's Place recently. Everyone was very privileged to walk with Mike, Tim and Andy, otherwise known as the 3 Dads Walking, during their 600-mile walk to each of the four UK capitals and each of the four nations parliaments. More than 20 service users and practitioners spent time with the 3 Dads as they made their way through Delamere Forest and a section of the Sandstone Trail.

The 3 Dads Walking have been highlighting the fact that suicide is the biggest killer of young people, under the age of 35 years, across the entire UK after they each lost a daughter (Beth, Emily and Sophie) to suicide themselves. 

Paul's Place and Trek Therapy joined in their cause to raise awareness of suicide and get this issue made compulsory on the school curriculum, by lobbying the government to conduct a review of the RSHE curriculum; this petition calls on the Dept for Education to include suicide prevention within the statutory guidelines 

Please support this campaign by signing the 3 Dads Walking petition

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